Kuber Bali ATV Adventure, a New Ride on the Island of Bali Ready to Test Your Adrenaline

Kuber Bali Adventure

12 June 2022

Kuber Bali ATV Adventure is an ATV tour located in Ubud Bali. This can be said as a tourist activity that is a little extreme but safe and fun. For an adventurer, ATV tours are nothing new for them. Riding a 4-wheeled ATV bike that can bulldoze all terrain (off road), so this is a challenging experience.Together with Kuber Bali ATV Adventure, we provide satisfaction in ATV tours that take the most challenging trails.

The advantages of Kuber ATV Bali Adventure

ATV Kuber Bali tour company as a provider of unique tracks like the first waterfall and Goa in Bali. This waterfall and cave existed before when Kuber ATV was founded. This is an advantage that Kuber Bali ATV has because the existing track is a natural track. After the famous Waterfall and Goa track went abroad, some other Bali ATV tour providers or companies tried to make a track by making caves and waterfalls. Of course it's far different in nature with Kuber Bali ATV.

The location of Kuber Bali Adventure is in the middle of the rice fields along with a spacious lobby that can accommodate up to 100 participants. The location is comfortable and cool in the middle of the rice fields. There are lockers, a spacious changing room, of course making the customer feel more comfortable.

For customers who are members of the ATV kuber, they can get safety equipment, if: helmets and boots, experienced ATV guides. Welcome drinking water, lunch, use of lockers and changing areas. In addition, Kuber Bali Adventure provides insurance during the ATV Ride.